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The History of V&B Farms.........

V&B Farms started long before there was V&B Farms. It started with two friends in high school farming before and after classes in the south florida area. Tommy Vick and Brandon Boyd have known each other since they were in Diapers.

 A 4th generation farmer, Tommy Vick always knew he would follow in the family footsteps. His great-great grandfather moved his farming operation from Ohio and homesteaded in Goulds, FL in 1918. The family’s primary crop at that time was potatoes. At 3 yrs old, Tommy’s father, Fred Vick, helped him plant his own garden. By age 7, Tommy was driving the tractors, helping to disc and cultivate the fields. It didn’t take long for him to buy his own planter and start his own row crop at age 13. Today, Tommy’s grandfather, Willis Vick, and his father visit him in the same fields they once farmed.

 Tommy’s passion for growing is reflected in his quality produce. This year, V&B Farms is producing 32 different varieties which are sold at local farmers markets and to wholesale establishments. 

Tommy currently sits on the board of the Dade County Farm Bureau, The Ag Practices Board of Dade County Schools and The Ag Practices Board for Dade County Committee. He also donates resources & volunteers his time at local schools to help promote the next generation of South Dade growers.  

A 5th generation Horticulturist, Brandon A. Boyd grew up around Foliage Plants and Palm Trees. Brandon has always had a love for agriculture and is still to this day amazed by planting a seed and watching it grow and producing something you can eat. He attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, Ga. where he earned a degree in Horticulture Technology. He then went on to a Internship at the Walt Disney World Co. where he learned and worked in Hydroponics and also worked on research to make Aquaponics more sustainable. Brandon always has had a passion for technology and it's role in modern day farming. 

After leaving the Walt Disney World Co. Brandon moved to Lake Placid, Fl. where he went back to horticulture and eventually became one of the head growers at Delray Plants Inc. While in Lake Placid, Brandon married his high school sweetheart. His wife was accepted into Medical School in the south florida area and so they made the move back to Miami, Fl. where Brandon became the head grower of Bernecker's Nursery Inc. 

Moving back to south florida put Brandon back into the heart of the agricultural community again and He realized his love for farming. Tommy and Brandon then decided that they would once again farm together and created V&B Farms.

Today V&B Farms is growing and earning the trust of it's customers on a daily basis by growing quality produce. 


"For the past three years V&B Farm has been providing our Ocean Reef Club Restaurants and Chefs with outstanding locally grown fresh produce. The quality of vegetables, lettuc..."

Philippe Reynaud

Senior Director of Culinary Operations